The APP created for choir practice

Voces separadas

Separate voices (SATB)

You will listen to only that voice which you will sing, or combine them.

Cantantes reales

Real singers

You will listen to a performer singing precisely your voice, with proper expression and pronunciation.

Aprender escuchando

Learn by listening to your part

You will get to the rehearsal singing.

How to learn your SATB choral voice part?

Pick your songs

Browse the repertoire using the finder, create a playlist… or even ask for the piece you need if it is not in our catalogue. It may be for free!

Select the voice to practice

Highlight one soundtrack and attenuate the others. You can also try the karaoke.

Listen and follow the score

Learn effortlessly intonation, measurement, entrances, text and pronunciation.

So much more


Meet the people who do the impossible to make Singerhood possible.


Voices selected by their pitch and solo accuracy along with the ability to blend in a choir.

Upload your content

Upload your own tracks to Singerhood and share them with your choir and all the Singerhood Community. Get 6 months of Singerhood free for every song released!

Download the app and use it for free.

Our app is available for iOS and Android.

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