You sing in a choir. Then you will understand what I am talking about.

As an average, we can estimate we know about four people who sing in any choral ensemble.

Then here comes your brother-in-law, who is not familiar with this (in fact, he is not familiar with many things, but he is familiar with us) and says categorically: “Come on, you’re going too far! I don’t know any singers”, but then he recalls: “Wait! You mean choirs like church choirs?” Then you must explain that, although religious music has lots of possibilities, that’s not pretty much the same.

Most of the choirs I refer to are made up of amateurs, many of them with no musical background, to whom singing has become their entertainment because indeed –and that’s something you know if you sing– there’s no way to stop once you start and the groups that form around it go far beyond the ties from a hobby. Singing together creates an extraordinary social link, and this is something you can only understand if you try it.

Still, there are many other activities you can choose from. For example, it is fine going to the gym –but sometimes you can be lazy–, meeting with friends to play some football –but some days it rains, some days you come with a black-and-blue leg–, mounting some DIY furniture at home –certainly relaxing, but rarely shared. Singing in a choir has none of these disadvantages.

Then, do I need to rush and join a polyphony group?

Wait a minute! (You too, brother). There is something that may make you refrain from singing in a choir: you must learn the pieces, mainly if you can only see meaningless blots in this score sheet that they gave you.

Most of the choir singers today make a much bigger effort than it should be required. It is due to the significant lack of study materials to make things easier. Although they promised to be a panacea, using MIDI files is not a solution(do you remember that beep-beep music on the Game Boy? Right then) to help you know what sounds you must sing since you need to do a juggling act to figure out how to match the score text with all this hodgepodge.

This challenge is the reason we decided to start this blog and take part in the Singerhood project.

To be continued…

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