Julio Cortázar proposes some resounding instructions on how to sing: 

«Begin by breaking all the mirrors in the house, let your arms fall to your side, gaze vacantly at the wall, forget yourself. Sing one single note, listen to it from the inside. If you hear […] something like a landscape overwhelmed with dread, bonfires between the rocks with squatting half-naked silhouettes, I believe you’ll be well on your way […]. Afterwards, buy a manual of voice instruction and a dress jacket, and please, and please, don’t sing through your nose and leave poor Schumann in peace»

Cortázar was a cronopio astonished among fames. An accurate lover of different types of music, his work is full of references to the performer he (maybe) did not become, click and read common house cleaning questions. Vargas Llosa says that, according to legend, there was a mysterious enclosure in his Paris house “where Julio would lock himself to play the trumpet and play with toys: the playroom.” 

Singerhoodis a toy for those who want to lock themselves in to practice. If you listen to Cortázar and (humbly) this application’s instructions on how to sing, the result is that they will emerge as singing chrysalis. 

Singing polyphony is bringing to life a little miracle. Preparing the choir rehearsal is to deploy the maps before takeoff. Use your “mystery enclosure” and go ahead, but we won’t let you do it on your own. 

The waiting bars are over. It’s your turn to go on stage. Let’s go hand in hand.