virtual choir

From Singerhood, bustovega and Cantate Mundi and with the collaboration of the Federación Coral de Madrid, Federación de Coros de la Región de MurciaConfederación de Coros del País Vasco,  Federació Catalana d’Entitats Corals, Federación Aragonesa de Coros and the Federació de Cors de la Comunitat Valenciana, we started an ambitious project.

We will make a virtual choir with the work composed by Javier Busto about the poem And The People Stayed Home by Kitty O’Meara.

It is a poem that surely in these days of lockdown will have reached you through different channels and social networks. Javier has wanted to put his music on it, and conduct this virtual choir. In adittion he is going to talk about the composition with all the participants next July 31st.


And the People Stayed Home

  1.  Download the Singerhood app to your mobile or tablet. There you will find all the rehearsal materials you need to learn the song.
  2. Practice your voice following the video of Javier Busto conducting And The People Stayed Home
  3. When you are ready to record, remember that you should be listening to the recording of your voice through a single headset, so as not to lose rhythm and tempo and to be able, at the same time, to hear your own voice.
  4. The recording includes a metronome so that we all go at the same tempo and all the voices have been recorded under the indications of Javier Busto.
  5. Prepare your mobile and record your video (you have all the detailed instructions below).
  6. Send it to  before July, 31st (if it is a very big file you can use WeTransfer to send it).

how to record your video


    1. If possible, shoot your video against a flat background, a white wall…
    2. Please choose to use clothing without advertising or logos.
    3. Reduce noise to a minimum, try to record in a closed room and avoid noise such as fans, etc.
    4. Try to be in a well-lit place where you can be seen clearly.
    5. If you have a tripod, use it to hold your camera or mobile phone, so you can minimize movement.


  1. If you use your mobile phone to record, remember to put it on mute during the recording, so that no messages or calls will sound.
  2. Please record your video horizontally.
  3. Use a headset that allows you to follow the recording and the metronome. Putting on just one headset will allow you to hear your voice at the same time.
  4. Listen to the initial metronome and make sure you start at the same time, rehearse it first, this will help us to have all the videos correctly synchronized at the end. You can rehearse looking Javier Busto’s conducting video.
  5. Review your video and, when you have your final version, send it to
  6. In some cases the videos are too heavy, if you have problems attaching your video in the email you can use platforms like WeTransfer, which allows you to upload videos of greater weight.